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Centre of Excellence for Tax

The complexity of German tax laws make them almost impenetrable for the lone consultant. The increasing rate of change in German tax related legislation makes it extremely challenging to make secure tax arrangements.

To address these issues we created the RWT Centre of Excellence for Tax and since the year 2000 have been successfully navigating the German tax arena for our clients.

The specialists at the Centre of Excellence for Tax monitor current developments in tax legislation and decisions made by German tax courts, the Federal Finance Court and the European Court of Justice. At the Centre we monitor the latest developments within the tax Authorities and provide our tax professionals with prompt and relevant information on recent changes central to their ongoing training. This leaves our head consultants free to focus on their main task – serving you, the client. If a special issue arises, our head consultants can rely on the Centre of Excellence for Tax for support.

The RWT Centre of Excellence for Tax supports RWT's tax departments in all individual tax-related issues.

Contact Us
Wolfgang Kirschning
Reutlingen, Germany
+49 7121 489-265

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