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About Us

Offering a wide range of services is one thing. Ensuring a client has one main point of contact and direct access to an effective, joined-up team is another. The benefit for you: short communication channels and quick answers.

No matter what the type of assignment, our structure offers clear advantages: for each and every task, our clients are counting on us to have expert knowledge. And in the case of complex tasks, this joined-up thinking guarantees a professional solution.

The result is a client list in which we take great pride: at RWT Horwath, small- and medium-sized companies – including international groups – feel they are catered for just as well as freelancers, the public sector, associations and private individuals.
More information about the services you will find on the website of RWT-Group.

Contact Us
Dr. Philipp Neumann
Reutlingen, Germany
+49 7121 489-427

Additional Contacts:
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