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The chemical industry is one of a major component of the global economy. Chemical industry is tipical example of the industry that is changing fast and qualitative, as well as the technology. This industry include chemical processing of natural and man-made, herbal, animal material and waste of the other industries. Chemical industry includes most of the industries, because she uses their raw materials. The fundamental factors around which the chemical sector functions are reduced capital, proximity to markets and profitability.


Companies in chemical industry are looking for new ways to grow their customer base, enter new markets and  develop their product offerings. Crowe Horwath BDM believes that chemical companies can help address these goals through a re-assessment of goals and strategies. In Serbia, chemical industry and products play a very important role in economy and trade.


Crowe Horwath BDM professionals have significant knowledge in this area and they are able to provide consistent, high-quality service. Our team of advisory, tax, audit and accounting professionals has the experience to interpret the market and help you compete powerfully in this variable industry.


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