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Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accounting and Financial Reporting is a specialized branch in accounting that deals with summarizing, recording and presenting all the financial activities of a business organization in a systematic manner. The financial report, commonly known as an account, is prepared by accountants who regularly track and record all the relevant financial information in the organization. There are four basic financial reports: Income Statements, Statement of Capital, Balance Sheet and Statements of Cash flows.

While preparing financial reports, it is essential that the company ensure its understandability, reliability, comparability, relevance and a well-structured presentation. It should highlight the true view of the financial entity, while providing its customers adequate information that would help them in assessing the value of the company.

We at Horwath MAK have been providing financial reports and services based on professional standards for many years to thousands of clients and are completely capable of guiding you towards identifying and analyzing any opportunity and managing risks effectively, making sure your organization gains profitability and value in every possible way. Many organizations have confided in us in the critical process of decision-making and for providing outstanding services that excel in the financial world.  We are determined in providing highly sophisticated and specialized standards and ethical practices that guarantee your satisfaction. For us, financial reporting is not merely a routine preparation. We rely on our extensive, rich knowledge in designing and analyzing customized reports that are tailored to suit your specifications.

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