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Management Control

Corporations have a set of tools and systems that produce and supply information based on which managers build their decisions. This is information which determines the whole future of the corporation. In order to perform its task, information must be unquestionably reliable, objective and timely. This is the field of our consulting professionals.

When management information is incorrect or non-existent, this has serious consequences. The recent history of corporations is riddled with examples. In the most frequent cases, either scarce resources are squandered, leaving the corporation worse than before, or urgent corrective measures are not taken, because anomalies were not identified in time.

A subject with this relevance must be attentively analysed by corporations. Time should be spent on this analysis and corporations must be assisted by experienced consultants, who will provide them with the most adequate, most tested and consistently most successful solutions, using the most efficient methods for their implementation.

We make a difference because of the experience our consulting professionals have, and because that experience has been acquired both performing the functions of consulting professionals and in managerial functions in the operational areas of manufacturing and service corporations.

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