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Tax Advisory

It is not efficient for most medium-sized firms to have comprehensive internal knowledge of the tax regulations. Monitoring all changes in the current tax legislation and properly interpreting them is an incredibly time-consuming process and it is much more efficient to entrust external experts with managing this.

Our tax services start with basic outsourcing services such as tax registration and preparation and filing various types of tax returns. For medium-sized firms, we also offer services with higher added value such as assessing the tax impacts of business transactions according to Czech legislation, searching for the most beneficial solutions of such transactions and identifying the key tax risks associated with a chosen business strategy. Within the framework of our services, we provide:

Legal entity income tax

  • Preparing or revising legal entity income tax returns
  • Assessing basic documents and transactions and identifying risks

Natural person income tax

  • Preparing or revising natural person income tax returns
  • Tax-effective employee structures for expatriates and for Czech residents living abroad

Indirect taxes

  • Preparing VAT returns
  • VAT audits and finding solutions for transactions impacting VAT within the framework of the European Union
  • Consultancy in the area of duties and excise taxes

Tax due diligence

  • Analysing transactions, mergers, acquisitions and capital restructuring from the tax point of view

Dealings with financial authorities

  • Representing tax entities before the tax administration within the framework of a tax administration’s investigation (e.g. procedures to eliminate doubt, tax audits, etc.)

Transfer prices

  • Preparing / revising documents with respect to transfer prices (mandatory / voluntary)
  • Evaluating the parameters of selected transactions from the point of view of their impact on transfer prices

Ad hoc tax consultancy

  • Analysing selected business transactions, identifying main tax risks
  • International income taxation and the abolition of double taxation

Contact Us
Crowe Advartis
U garazi 1611/1
Prague, Czech Republic 170 00
+420 221 111 611

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