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Risk Management Consultancy and Internal Audits

As a statutory body for your company, do you want to be better prepared for unpredictable situations that might be detrimental to your business? Do you have to constantly deal with unexpected operational issues despite having established a process management and fixed setof responsibilities within your organization? Would you like to perform a random review of certain processes and controls, but there are no independent employees with relevant experiencein your company? Are you considering any complex financial transactions, but you are not able to identify all the associated risks and hazards?

What we offer?

Risk management consultancy is always based on discussions with a company’s management. We tryto respond to the management’s needs in order to understand how to approach individual risks. Subsequently, we design a risk management strategy, assess all risks and look for the best ways to reduce and control any identified risks. The main objective of a company’s management is to have all the necessary information available at the right time. Through our work, we strive to meet this objective, i.e. to implement a simpleand comprehensible method of monitoring and reporting risks, allowing the company’s managementto make quick and informed decisions. The following steps may be involved:

  • A quick-scan of the company’s risk profile
  • Creating risk strategies and maps• Establishing a process for monitoring and assessing risks
  • Evaluating operational risks following specific processes
  • Analysing transactions (credit, investments, etc.) in terms of financial risks
  • Consulting on risk mitigationl methods (e.g. insurance, financial derivatives, etc.)
  • Valuation of financial instruments

We provide a professional approach and expertise in the field of internal audits and process evaluation. In general, internal audits and risk assessment can be performed in-house, but a company’s management is often faced with comprehensive areas that require an inspection – e.g. IT infrastructure and security, financial transactions and investments, etc. At this point, it is more effective to call on external experts with experience in the field who can bring something extra to the table. Our services may include:

  • Conducting a regular review/audit of selected areas
  • Providing your audit team with a specialist
  • Designing an audit plan according to the company’s risk profile
  • Holding specialized training sessions



Manager´s personnal comment

"Every experienced manager knows, that for a company´s success you have to not only risk healthy, but also to have things under control. A truly good manager precedes problems. And that is the reason why it is necessary to know the risk rate of company continuously."

Contact Us
Crowe Advartis
U garazi 1611/1
Prague, Czech Republic 170 00
+420 221 111 611

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