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Audit & Assurance

Do you sometimes wonder how exactly a statutory audit benefits you apart from verifying your financial statements? The answer is not simple – the services provided by different auditing firms appear very similar, so where should we look for fundamental differences? We believe that the main differences lie in the team and in the approach it takes. At Baker Tilly, we striveto make communication with the client as open, clear and timely as possible. Audits are carried out by a highly experienced professional team, and the contract manager is the main contact point for communicating with the client and is personally present at the audit to the largest extent possible. Our methodology is based on the strict professional standards of our global network, while allowing us the flexibility to take into account the various elements of the local legislation.

What we offer:

Standard audit services that are performed in accordance with International Standardson Auditing (ISA) and take into account the main risks associated with your business. These mainly include:

  • Statutory audits of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with Czech accounting regulations
  • Audits of individual and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Verification of data and records for parent company consolidation (“consolidation package”) prepared in accordance with IFRS(or other generally-accepted accounting principles)
  • Audits focusing on areas specified by the client (i.e. agreed-upon procedures)
  • Audits of extraordinary financial statements (e.g. in the transformation of companies, liquidation etc.) and opening balance sheets

Internal audit services:

  • Assessment of the setting and efficiency ofa company’s internal controls (e.g. according to SOX rules)
  • Full outsourcing of the internal audit function
  • Partial outsourcing of the internal audit function for audits in selected areas (e.g. IT audits, risk management audits, etc.)

Consulting when preparing for an audit:

  • Consulting concerning the preparationof financial statements in accordance with Czech or international accounting standards
  • Consulting when preparing group packages and annual reports (including Reportson Relationships)
  • Preparing opinions on the proper recording of complex accounting transactions(in accordance with Czech accounting regulations or international accounting standards)


Manager´s personnal comment

„Every auditor says that he or she brings an added value to a client. In my opinion, this can be true only when an audit is made by an experienced auditor and a quality team. I personally participate in every audit and I work with my team and client straightly. A straight communication is the key factor of this service for me."


Contact Us
Crowe Advartis
U garazi 1611/1
Prague, Czech Republic 170 00
+420 221 111 611

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