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Expat Taxes

Does your payroll provider or tax advisor understand the importance of satisfied expatriates? We do!

At Crowe Horwath we know that most expatriates are highly qualified employees or people with a specific knowledge. These employees are most important to their employers. Both, employees and employer, require a personal advisor who delivers a feel good approach based on empathy and in-depth expertise. Such expertise is required to manage tax risks and avoid tax litigation abroad.

Some important questions employers have to know are:

  • Do we have an assignment policy? 
  • Do we know what kind of permits are required? 
  • Do we know the tax burden abroad? 
  • Do we know how to cover your expatriates for healthcare? 
  • Do we know what kind of compliance obligation you have abroad?

With 640 offices and nearly 28,000 employees worldwide, Crowe Horwath is your primary partner for global expatriate tax services. We are able to answer all your expatriate tax questions.

Our expat taxes services to Chief Financial Officers or Human Resources Managers include:

  • Visas and work permits 
  • Preparation or review of secondment guidelines 
  • Employment law and related areas 
  • Tax advice and tax compliance 
  • Health care and social security issues 
  • Payroll services or preparation of pay slips 
  • Tax audits 
  • Coordination of all expatriates worldwide by Crowe Horwath offices

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