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Financial Management


Symptoms of opportunities for improvement are visible in the company and for all important stakeholders

If you observe negative occurrences in your company, such as:

  • Extended statutory or group reporting deadlines
  • Difficulties in results consolidation or internal accounts settlements
  • Lack of accurate management accounting information flowing from the accounting system
  • Necessity for employment of additional staff in accounting department as a cost center
  • Errors or repeated requests from the capital group relating to reporting
  • Lack of implemented corporate governance rules in the financial of management areas
  • Lack of suitable tools for the control of investments or operating activities.

It means it is time for the implementation of significant changes.

The turnaround in the functioning of your company will take place, when management take effective actions to correct mechanisms which function improperly. These actions need to be radical enough to improve your company’s performance.

Scope of our advice

We provide professional assistance in the execution of the very difficult  change processes thanks to the possibility of creation of an interdisciplinary team consisting of experts in: audit and risk management, business management, including process optimization, finance, law and taxation.

Crowe Horwath’s support includes all necessary measures aimed at the proper functioning financial areas and processes which results directly from relevant accounting management:




Accounting and reporting

Team of experienced consultants and accountants 

  • Reduction in the duration of standard accounting processes (invoicing, closure the month or quarter)
  • Development of IT tools to improve accounting processes
  • Reduction of costs related to accounting (including headcounts)
  • Reduction of process errors risk

Management accounting

Team of process managers from controlling areas and budgeting

  • Implementation of the management accounting system  
  • Delivery of relevant management information, essential for making operational decisions
  • Preparation of employees to the use of new tools – training

Rules of corporate governance and supervision in finance

Team of process managers from finance areas and risk management 

  • Implementation of corporate governance rules for companies listed on the stock exchange and New Connect and scattered capital groups
  • Implementation of the controls and supervision mechanisms on companies and joint ventures
  • Implementation of policies and solutions which allow to control the effectiveness of projects and activities

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