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Process Management


Efficient, effective and safe processes are key to success

If processes are run inefficiently in your company, resulting in a loss of money, time or customers, it means that:

  • There are problems with prompt decision making
  • Cooperation between various divisions and departments is ineffective
  • Excessive bureaucracy affects and slows work process
  • Employees perform their activities in unstructured and unstandardised manner
  • Efficiency and profitability reduce
  • Clients become dissatisfied

It is time to streamline your business processes. The company will become more efficient and will adapt to the changing realities of the market.

Scope of the support

Crowe Horwath conducts the service in three key stages:

Phase I

a. Analyze processes and operations

b. Describe selected processes and indicate inefficiencies and possible optimization

c. Model targeted business processes

Phase II

a. Implement recommended changes

b. Conduct trainings and workshops for staff involved in the changes

Phase III

a. Monitor changes and conduct post-implementation audits

The lack of systematic, continuous approach to business process management results in losses that multiply over the years and the number of workers performing redundant operations increase. 

Benefits of our service

  • Identification of process inefficiencies and areas for improvement
  • Identification of optimal solutions and cost savings
  • Shortening and streamlining of processes and information flow
  • Improvement of cooperation between departments in the company
  • Implementation of productivity indicators, quality control, punctuality, etc.
  • Work standardisation
  • Increased awareness of employees regarding key business processes
  • Increased knowledge of costs of the processes and ways to optimize their profitability
  • Elimination of unnecessary steps and redundant performances and operations
  • Increased efficiency of the company and strategic decision making process.

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