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Company Restructuring


Symptoms of problems in a company are visible not only inside of it, but also in its environment

If you have observed negative occurrences in your company, such as:

  • Falling margins
  • Deteriorating profitability ratios
  • Liquidity problems
  • Loss of clients and loss in market share.

Crowe Horwath can help implement significant changes to the way your business operates.

Changes in your company will take place, when management take effective actions to correct mechanisms which function improperly. These actions need to be radical enough to improve your company’s performance. 

Scope of our advisory

Our cross-functional team composed of experts in audit, risk management, business management, finance, law and taxation, allows us to provide professional assistance in these difficult processes of re-organisation.

Support of Crowe Horwath includes all necessary measures aimed at company revitalisation: 




Market strategy: 

  • Products
  • Clients
  • Suppliers

Team of experienced consultants

  • Increased sales
  • Increased market share
  • Defined target market
  • Improved margin policy
  • Defined product mix
  • Increased EBITDA and profit

 Operational strategy:

  • Optimization of logistics, production and supporting processes


Team of specialists in the field of process optimization

  • Costs minimization
  • Reduction of process cyckle time duration
  • Reduction of risk of process failure occurence 
  • Improved quality of products and services 
  • Increased demand flexibility

Financial strategy:

  • Structure of financing
  • Renegociations of financing conditions with banks and contracts with employees and conterparties 

Team of financiers, accounting and tax specialists with extensive experience, lawyers specializing in labours, civil and economic law 

  • Optimization of capital-debt structure 
  • Increased credibility towards counterparties 
  • Reduction of organizational costs (including costs of employment)

Independent supervision and reporting the realization of restructuring operations in the market, operational and financial field, to the board, the supervisory boards and banks 

Team of experienced statutory auditors 

  • Objective control and supervision over company restructuring 

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