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The Network
In a world where auditing is perceived as a standard service,differentiation comes from having a close enough relationship with clients to be able to identify and add value in the specific areas that matter most.
Two independent offices based in Johannesburg and Cape Town ; just one of the many reasons why we’re the difference between a ‘need to have’ auditing firm and a ‘want to have’ auditing firm . . .

Even though we’re ranked in the top 10 Accounting and management consulting firms worldwide, we’re strictly a 2nd tier firm, preferring to let the quality of service delivery dictate the size of our localised firms.
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Designed For Optimal Service

Service begins with understanding the client's needs and that requires us to be as close to the client's business location as possible. Knowledge of the city and environment that the business operates in, sector knowledge, networking and local legislation are important.

The global brand is the backbone on which intelligence is gathered and value added services diverted to meet relevant local needs.  Each local firm has access to knowledge resources, innovations, expertise and solutions in any other locality on a global bases. Horwath in Southern Africa is in perpetual value add mode.

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