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Budget 2015

South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, delivered his 2015 Budget Speech to Parliament on 25 February. As expected, some tax increases were announced that will effect mostly higher income earning individuals, while further relief for micro businesses were announced in an attempt to improve the participation of small businesses in the economy and in the tax system. This article sets out a summary of some of the more pertinent proposed changes to the tax legislation - more

Please refer to our In Your Interest 2015/2016 publication for further details.


In Your Interest 2015/2016
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Service begins with understanding the client's needs and that requires us to be as close to the client's business location as possible. Knowledge of the city and environment that the business operates in, sector knowledge, networking and local legislation are important.

The global brand is the backbone on which intelligence is gathered and value added services diverted to meet relevant local needs.  Each local firm has access to knowledge resources, innovations, expertise and solutions in any other locality on a global bases. Horwath in Southern Africa is in perpetual value add mode.

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