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Risk Consulting

Are you meeting or exceeding today’s elevated standards for risk management?

As an international business, you manage a challenging array of risks on multiple fronts: strategic, operations, compliance, and reporting. Today’s stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, and employees – expect high standards.

While cultures and customs vary, the language of identifying and monitoring risks is consistent in leading boardrooms and management suites throughout the world. Effective and consistent risk management gives you and your employees the confidence to focus on achieving your organization’s key business objectives.

With every risk comes opportunity. Therefore, leading organizations carefully assess and evaluate their portfolio of risks and allocate appropriate resources to identify and manage their key risks more effectively than competitors do. For such organizations, having an effective risk management function is now an essential management discipline.


Business processes and information systems form the basis for efficient, risk-balanced commerce.

The number of company insolvencies is rising. Company crises are repeatedly making the headlines; these often start out with staff losses, customer dissatisfaction, image tarnishing, market share losses and a drop in turnover and lead to net annual losses and liquidity problems. Those responsible for corporate development have to act to prevent the company running into difficulties. The supervisory board and company management act as the company's navigators and as such the demands on them are increasing steadily, as is made clear by German corporate governance laws (e.g. KonTrAG, TransPuG and UMAG).

Company financial reporting information is communicated to internal and external audiences. Here, the level of detail and speed of availability are becoming increasingly important. Due to changes in the law and new financial reporting standards on the one hand, and to technological challenges on the other, companies are now living in an extremely complex environment.

How are risks recorded and monitored? Thanks to our relevant multidisciplinary expertise, our numbers of experienced auditors, our access to an international network and the necessary tools, we can help you to lay down corporate governance, introduce an efficient risk management system, set up internal auditing or optimise internal auditing processes, as well as carry out special projects (e.g. outsourcing, project management, delicts or Sarbanes Oxley 404). We will work with you to optimise your business processes and your information systems, allowing you to monitor your dealings, and therefore your risks, in an efficient and business-focussed way.


We offer risk consulting services in the following areas:  

  • Corporate governance & compliance
  • Internal audit
  • Consultative support for projects in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act/Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Advice on the area of fraud risk management
  • Information technology audit
  • Information security

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding risk consulting services.

For specific questions in regard to governance, risk and compliance issues as well as highly confidential special investigations, for example in connection with suspected criminal activity, we fall back on the expertise of our Crowe Horwath partner Business Integrity Management GmbH.

The website of Business Integrity Management GmbH provides information on the following consulting areas:

Prevention of fraud and compliance risks

Strategy & Investigation

Services in regard to the German and international regulatory framework

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Markus Scheurer
Albstadt, Germany
+49 7431 1326-625

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