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What should firms be prepared for in 2017?
Jan. 31, 2017


On 20 January 2017 we had a meeting at the Polish Press Agency at which our experts presented challenges that entrepreneurs will need to face in 2017.

What should firms be prepared for?

Our experts forecast that the most challenging situations will include attracting talents and retention of valuable staff, demographic changes (e.g. generation gap), high level of staff rotation and related data protection, virtualisation and electronisation of relations with employees. It will also be essential to acknowledge the issue of cybersecurity in companies. Tax experts predict increased transfer pricing controls. 

If you have queries related to business challenges in 2017, please contact our experts:

Agnieszka Frommholz, IT Director at Crowe Horwath

Marta Walędziak-Skowrońska, Legal Adviser at TGC Corporate Lawyers

Paweł Turek, Tax Adviser at Crowe Horwath

Maciej Krzekotowski, Consulting Director at Crowe Horwath







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