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Companies operating in the technology industry, which has matured over the past 25 years, face challenges mainly on convergence and consolidation, going public and managing financial market expectations, maximising the value of intellectual property, revenue recognition and beating the competition for knowledge workers.

Ferocious competition, ever-evolving technologies, new regulations and increasing customer sophistication are some of the realities pressuring today’s technology industry. This ever present state of change and evolution drives industry consolidation and convergence. 


How can Crowe Horwath Troy help you?


Crowe Horwath Turkey wants to share its insight, experience and knowledge with companies operating in the technology industry, to solve their business issues and to develop long-term strategic objectives.


Companies who want to be on the successful side of consolidation and convergence turn to Crowe Horwath. Our integrated solutions focus on risk management, performance improvement, financial effectiveness and compliance. When consolidation and convergence creates joint ventures, divestitures, or mergers and acquisitions, our technology industry professionals deliver valuations, business models and regulatory compliance. After the deal is done, we can advise companies on how to optimise structures to realise a smooth transition and improved financial performance.


Crowe Horwath Turkey also shares its experience and knowledge and provides guidance on revenue recognition which is one of the most complex financial reporting issues for technology companies, specifically for software companies.