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Internal Auditing - Consultancy and Outsourcing 

Internal Auditing Support

Many internal auditing activities today require specialist knowledge. Our pool of experienced consultants and auditors can offer you extensive support in financial, legal and systems issues in areas of tax, finance and reporting. We can advise you on individual queries, take over project controlling and offer to outsource subtasks, for instance by taking complete responsibility for internal auditing.

Project Controlling

Defining project goals and then keeping to time, quality as well as budgetary restraints is an enormous challenge for corporate, operational and project management teams. Thanks to RWT Group's support services, the project risk is much reduced and process consistency is increased. Plus, processes and systems are continually optimised. With assessment by an independent third party, communication between divisions, the IT department and the project team will be improved and monitored.

Business Continuity

'And now it's actually happened - the notebook battery has started a devastating fire in the administration building. Computer viruses have stopped production. The fear of pandemics and terrorist attacks is growing.' The consequences could be huge. We will support you in establishing and optimising your business continuity plans and related processes to ensure the continuance of your business.


Demands are increasing and continually changing, not least at an international level. This means that businesses are having to adapt their organisation, structure and processes more often. RWT Group will help you to find and implement the right corporate arrangement, taking into consideration financial reporting and taxation issues.


When breaches of trust are discovered, this usually comes as a surprise to all. Yet there are often early warning signs of misconduct which can be detected and then responded to in good time. As the saying goes: opportunity makes the thief! Whether or not it is staff or management, whether or not there is any blame, there will always be a reason for the opportunity. We will help you to make provisions by implementing appropriate processes and controls and, in serious cases, help you to prepare evidential documentation and to limit damage.

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