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IT Consulting

Project Consultancy and Auditing in the Introduction of New IT Systems

The process of selecting new IT systems is often not thorough enough. The new finance and merchandise management solution goes live, and then the worst case happens. Core processes successfully tested and approved by company divisions no longer work. Areas of the business are at a standstill. It emerges that not all the necessary tests were carried out. The amendments needed require expensive additional work or applications. A classic case which could be prevented with project monitoring. As an independent third party, RWT Group can offer you extensive support to ensure that your system is introduced successfully. In the case of complex financial reporting and tax-related systems and processes, this ensures that conformity criteria are met early on – at the development or introduction stage. Uptake, assessment, appropriate adaptation of internal processes, plus specific software functionality are all factors that affect the successful adoption of an IT solution.

Information Security and Weak-point Analysis

Is the authenticity, authorisation, confidentiality, bindingness, integrity and accessibility of your information protected at all times? We will support you in analysing sensitive information and optimising protective measures. Here, we will also recommend that BSI, CobIT or another recognised system is introduced.

Archiving and Data Access according to GDPdU

Companies are now legally obliged to keep data relevant to financial reporting, often for ten or more years, and to be able to produce this information at any time. In Germany, the Principles of Data Access and the Auditability of Digital Records (GDPdU) stipulate that access is required to tax-relevant data and that certain IT measures are put in place. We will support you in working out and implementing the optimal solution for your needs while also ensuring compliance with the legal requirements.

Software Certification

The basic compliance of financial reporting software with legal requirements makes for a strong buying argument. RWT Group can provide an audit and certification of your software (according to the German auditing standard 'IDW PS 880') to ensure that you fulfil the legal requirements.

Increasing Auditing Security and Efficiency during Auditing of Annual Financial Statements

Our team of specialists will define, based on risk, certain key areas relating to IT systems which are relevant to financial reporting and will analyse these in relation to the auditing of annual financial statements (IDW PS 260 und 330). The outcomes will be incorporated into the final audit result and we will be able to show you where there is potential for targeted improvements.

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