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Evaluation and Optimisation of Processes and Systems

Analysis of Company Processes and Risks

Enterprise Risk Management – In a complex global environment it is absolutely vital to have up-to-date information on commercial processes and changes in order to be able to make critical decisions and introduce critical measures when they are needed. To ensure this transparency, many companies are introducing risk management systems – whether or not they are required to do so legally. RWT Group offers comprehensive support on both the implementation of this corporate management tool as well as the optimisation of existing risk management processes.

System Implementation of Business Processes

Nowadays, business processes are overwhelmingly controlled by IT systems. These systems have therefore become crucial to a company's success. The question is then raised of whether the company's specific requirements are sufficiently supported by the systems in use. We help you to analyse and implement system-mapped business processes in the relevant systems. This includes both harmonising and continually optimising the process and system.

Analysis and Optimisation of Data Flow

What data is needed where, when? Today, with increasing dependency on information, this area leaves a lot of room for improvement. RWT Group will help you document data flow and assist you with the opportunities for optimisation that this will bring up; as a result you will always have data and information available where and when you need it, and with the necessary protection.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Financial and legal requirements in an increasingly international marketplace make it necessary for processes and corporate management to be completely transparent. This requires new controlling and monitoring processes to be introduced into a company. We will help you put your governance process into action using a practical approach to ensure successful implementation.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX 404)

On behalf of our clients, we will set up and continually adapt the appropriate controls and IT General Controls in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, working in cooperation with our international Horwath partners abroad or in close collaboration with other auditors around the world. Our extensive experience in Sarbanes-Oxley projects plus the requisite foreign-language skills allow us to carry out projects in an efficient and highly individualised, client-focussed way. 

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