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International Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is becoming ever more international. Gradually, the German Commercial Code is being aligned with international financial reporting principles.

Therefore, it is important for group financial statements to be prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Since 2005, capital market focused companies have been legally obligated to prepare their group financial statements according to IFRS.  Currently, it is already being considered whether small and medium-sized businesses which operate internationally may have to change over to IFRS in the near future. The implementation of IFRS means increased transparency and better comparability. The question of whether a changeover would be useful for a particular company is an individual one. We support you when it comes to making this important decision.

The internationalisation of financial reporting is only just beginning and is bound to accelerate. We monitor the changes centrally in our Centre of Excellence. No matter what 'reporting language' you decide on, our specialists – auditors or CPAs – are up to speed on the latest developments in international financial reporting.

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