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Employment and Agency Law

Legal advice for employers, officers and 'leading employees'  

Receiving advice on employment law helps employers to create the right working conditions to meet their business objectives. We provide comprehensive cover right through the three traditional phases of employment – from the hire of the employee to career structure and progression until the end of the working relationship.   

Individual employment law – the drafting and handling of individual employment contracts – and collective employment law – the consequences and effects of collective wage agreements and the activities of works councils – are closely interrelated. Companies will only achieve the success they strive for if they consider and manage both aspects of German employment law together.  

In particular, we can advise you on all issues that directly affect employers, such as  

  • Drafting of contracts 
  • Part-time and fixed-term contracts 
  • Remuneration systems 
  • Right of termination issues 
  • Impact of the Anti-discrimination Law (AGG) 
  • Social security and tax consequences of terminating private and public service employment contracts 
  • Maternity and parental leave 
  • Integration management for disabled persons 
  • Temporary work 
  • Assignment contracts 

Additionally, we are able to advise you on matters of company arrangements with parties to a collective wage agreement and works councils, guide you through negotiations and represent you in court or before the arbitration board:  

  • Outsourcing and business transfer 
  • General regulations governing the use of company cars 
  • Part-time work 
  • Flexitime and flexible working 
  • Internet, e-mail and phone use 
  • Company pensions, from beginning to end 
  • Changes to a business 
  • Compensation agreements and redundancy schemes 
  • Inhouse wage agreements & wage agreements as part of rescue plan 

We also develop solutions to help with issues relating to German co-determination requirements:  

  • Works councils' rights to information and inspection 
  • Consultative role of the economic committee 
  • Co-determination in personnel matters  
  • Emergency measures and procedures  
  • Co-determination in social matters 
  • Arbitration procedures 
  • Corporate restructuring measures 
  • Mass redundancy procedures and redundancy schemes  
  • Supervisory board staffing with employee representatives 


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Dr. Philipp Neumann
Reutlingen, Germany
+49 7121 489-427

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