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Compliance with law, the best standards and high level ethics, improve functioning of processes within the company.

The size of an organization does not determine its stability. It is the implemented procedures and tools that help minimise the likelihood of potential materialisation of risk. If the following aspects can be observed within your company:

  • Imposition of sanctions due to failure to follow the law
  • Low standards of ethics
  • Failure to comply with internal policies
  • Frequent mistakes of employees
  • Lack of understanding of the rules by employees
  • Untrained personnel
  • Lack of clearly specified responsibilities
  • Corruption, fraud, illegal activity
  • Deprivation of image

Crowe Horwath can help you regulate compliance procedures and their implementation.


Our advice includes:

  • Implementation and Compliance overview of regulations and processes resulting from:
    • Regulating the protection of personal data
    • Regulation of the confidential information and business secrets of the company
    • Honesty policy behaviour
    • Code of ethics
    • Rules of co-operation with relevant external institutions, in particular with supervisory authorities
    • System of internal control in particular preventing and combating fraud
    • Policy of security anonymous canals and reports of abuse
    • Policy of Counteracting Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism including rules of 'know your client'
    • Rules related to avoidance of conflicts of interest
    • Rules of 'know your employee'
  • Analysis and investigation of the existing organizational solutions for compliance with the applicable regulations, standards and best market practices
  • Recommendation of changes that need to be implemented, in order to eliminate irregularities and implement solutions tailored to the generally applicable regulations, standards and the best market practices
  • Depending on expectations of our clients, we implement the recommended changes
  • Initiating and maintaining controls and investigations
  • Support and update of internal regulations and contracts, and modification of products and services on the basis of legal update
  • To advise the Executive Board and organisational units of the company, particular in the new aspects of  legal solutions
  • Collection and reporting of compliance issues
  • Organising and training for employees of your company.


Implementation of compliance tools:

  • Ensures compliance processes, procedures and technology of the company with the applicable rules and best market practices
  • Minimises compliance risk-resulting from non-compliance with the applicable provisions of the law, standards of good practice and internal regulations:
    • Law sanction
    • Financial losses
    • Loosing reputation
    • Increase the quality and stability of the management of organisation
    • Optimisation of internal organisational solutions
    • Strengthening of internal controls
    • Improving corporate image.

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