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Enterprise information systems is a challenging area for organizations. If managed correctly, it can lead to significant advantages, but if done incorrectly, it can result in major monetary loss, inefficiency and regulatory infringements. So it is important to have a well-managed IT system that is implemented properly using the right technology and which is continuously monitored. Technology risks have to be assessed and managed and access to finance be broadened.

IT system generally employs Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP is an integrated computer-based application used for business management and modern technology. It consolidates the core business processes of a business to facilitate the streamlining of information across the various business verticals within the organization while managing the relationships with external stakeholders. This helps the management executives to have a comprehensive overview of the overall business execution, helping them in productive decision making and in achieving specific objectives.


ERP comprises of three important components:

  • Business management practices
  • Business management practices 
  • Information technology 
  • Specific business objectives 


Generally implementing ERP is too resource and time intensive to be performed in-house.. It is learned that the implementation generally stretches to more than twice the original stipulated time simply due to the fact that the existing staff find it difficult to carry out this assignment side-by-side with their routine assignment. So it is preferable to outsource the same to professionals. This is not only economical, but also delivers the fruits of technical expertise in gap analysis, reengineering, integration and follow up in a timely manner, thereby saving significant resources of the company.  

We provide a broad range of advisory services, all designed to sustain and develop your business. Our team works with your organization Pl to address and analyze your business technology concerns within your organization and implement clear strategies to help achieve your business objectives.


Our services:

  • Pre-evaluation screening 
  • ERP evaluation/ Effectiveness analysis 
  • Project implementation planning 
  • GAP analysis 
  • Reengineering 
  • Post implementation monitoring 
  • Management information system  

Our Transformation Partners

In 2000, the Firm launched its Business Transformation Consulting arm “Hussain Chaudhury Consulting” through becoming business partner of Sage PLc. The Firm also operates with a fully functional back office, using state of the art technology to undertake outsourcing functions relating to accounting, payroll and finance for businesses based locally and offshore. Our back office can provide both online as well as offline services using the latest accounting software. In 2009 the Firm signed up as business partner of SAP to sell and implement SAP Business One in Pakistan.


 For detail about out Consulting & ERP Operations(click here) http://www.hcc.com.pk

Learn About SAGE (click here) http://www.sageasiapac.com/

Learn About SAP (click here)   http://www.sap.com/solutions/sme/business-one/small-business-management-software.epx 

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