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Internal Audit

In order to support management and provide organizations with added value, the field touches upon efficiency, efficacy, risk management, ethics, and more.

For the past years Internal Auditing is influenced by several market trends: changes in the business and public sector; increasing complexity of financial processes that require supporting management in supervising and controlling of business activities; increasing attention to auditing procedures and scrutiny of organizations, as well as increasing exposure of high ranking executives and board members to legal action due to personal and executive accountability. 

Effective, efficient internal auditing is one of the major business tools a company has at its disposal in order to provide evidence that supervisory precautions have been made.

We provide service in the following fields:

  • Internal auditing services
  • Assistance in establishing an internal auditing department and ensuring its compatibility with the organization
  • Building control procedures for various processes
  • Creating work procedures while integrating internal auditing practices
  • Internal auditing training

Our competitive advantage

The firm provides professional expertise and specialty performance auditing, integrating a high level of financial and economic services. These competencies enable the firm to provide clients with quality and diverse services while maintaining our personalized approach, professional resources and full attention.