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IFRS ACADEMY is the trademark of our training and publication program. Written and regulated by our Technical Accounting Services Team, the program is managed and orchestrated by Menachem Steinberger – the partner leading this line of service.

This program is part of the QA-CPE program of our staff in Israel, and is mandatory for employees auditing IFRS financial statements or reporting packages of subsidiaries of such companies, or those advising or conducting engagements that involve the application of, or conversion to, IFRS.

IFRS seminars and trainings are also available to clients in the English language.  The following presentations are samples of IFRS training sessions conducted at the end of 2011 in the USA, and in Europe. Such trainings include case studies and live examples. More modules are available on other IFRS topics ("Financial instruments" , "Taxes on income" , "Revenue recognition" "Segment reporting", Business combinations"  to name a few…).


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