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Our Philosophy

Crowe Horwath (Israel) is committed to conducting its business in a manner consistent with all legal, regulatory and professional requirements, which pertain to its practice, and in all instances in a manner, which is consistent with the highest standards of integrity ethics and fairness.
Our responsibility for protecting the reputation of the firm extends beyond our own actions. The firm fully supports in carrying out this responsibility. The firm values our reputation for quality services and believes that reputation is the basis on which we attract new clients and build our practice for the future.

We have an overriding objective of providing high quality audit, accounting, tax and advisory services to clients in the best professional manner. Crowe Horwath (Israel) demands integrity, objectivity, competence and due care from all of its personnel in the conduct of all of its engagements, whatever their nature. We demand independence in fact and appearance in all audit and other engagements where independence is required by applicable laws and regulations, and the requirements of professional societies. We assign work to personnel who possess the technical training and competence required, and takes steps to ensure that personnel assigned to engagements, whatever their nature, have the professional and specialized knowledge required to carry out their responsibilities, recognizing that supervisors and other reviewers and consultants can complement that knowledge.

Crowe Horwath (Israel) subscribes to a standard of professional excellence in all of its activities. Our goal is to provide superior, distinctive client services – services that are prompt, efficient, authoritative, performed to the highest standard of quality and ethics responsive to client needs, and available when and where needed. Our partners and staff are expected to comply with our firm ethic code.

We never look at a relationship with our clients as a commodity. We are in the business of providing comprehensive business advice, marked by a high level of responsiveness, proactive identification of issues, and efficiency. Understanding management concerns is crucial to our relationship. We invest our time to better understand the business, and to broaden our appreciation for the corporate philosophy and critical success factors. We make a substantial commitment of our firm resources to provide our clients with services that fulfill their expectations. We assemble an experienced and creative engagement team that complement and support our clients' team. Our professional team is long on the kind of experience that our clients are seeking. Each team member is dedicated to using his or her knowledge to better respond and serve our clients needs.