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Customs Advisory


Our Customs and Foreign Trade consulting services aim at decreasing the number of problems that may arise at customs, benefiting from new customs techniques that decrease costs and save time, regulating companies' relations with their customs brokers, informing clients about the legislation and practices in the European Union, and helping them in solving problems with customs offices. 
Within this scope, our services mainly include: 

 • Customs Practices Risk Analysis 

 • Customs Practices Opportunity Analysis 

 • Tariff Position Analysis 

 • Determination of Customs Duties 

 • VAT and Customs VAT Procedures 

 • Special Consumption Tax procedures 

 • Customs Valuation 

 • Royalties 

 • Standardization in Foreign Trade 

 • Temporary Importation 

 • Free of Charge Importation 

 • Movement Certificates and Certificates of Origin (A.TR, EUR.1) 

 • Customs Bonded Warehousing 

 • Financial Leasing (Cross-border Leasing) 

 • Free Zones 

 • European Union Practices 

 • Free Trade Agreements 

 • Subsequent Control Documents 

 • Inward Processing 

 • Outward Processing