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Retail and Consumer Products

The challenges for Retail and Consumer Product (R&C) companies are many in today's business environment as a confluence of market forces have created an extremely challenging climate. R&C Sector companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins, as a result of a competitive operating environment, market fragmentation, population growth, and more discerning but less loyal consumers. In addition, there are the immediate concerns of growing competitive pressures, an increase in the number of alternative sales channels, a blurring of roles between suppliers and retailers, and particularly for consumer product manufacturer a shift in the balance of power to the retailers.

The recent wave of business scandals and ethical lapses have heightened public, press, and investor scrutiny of companies, creating demand for a corporate culture of integrity-driven performance and a new corporate transparency. Management and Boards now feel compelled to ensure that proper governance processes are in place to protect corporate reputation, brand image and shareholder value.

Effective corporate governance requires management and Board involvement and accountability, accuracy in the reporting of financial results, stronger internal control documentation and a greater need for stronger risk management practices across the enterprise, embracing the processes, compliance and structure required to direct and manage the affairs of a corporation. Its overall goal is to ensure the financial viability of the enterprise and enhance shareholder value. 

For the R&C industry, globalisation, which entails multinational operations, various financial reporting systems, and complex supply chains with wholesalers, distributors and multiple types of retailers, not to mention multiple brand portfolios and various types of outlets, provides significant rationale for management and Boards to develop an effective GRC program.

Retail & Consumer Challenges 

  • Corporate Governance 
  • Market Value Recognition 
  • Globalisation/Consolidation 
  • Corporate/Brand Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Supply Chain Optimisation 
  • Influence of New Technology 
  • CRM/Consumer Centricism 
  • Brand Valuation and Management 
  • Enterprise Risk Management 
  • Marketing Effectiveness 

How can Crowe Horwath Troy help you?

For R&C companies across the globe, Horwath offers a strong and reliable network of dedicated industry experts via global and local R&C teams. Our mission is to help our clients:

  • extract value from their local and multinational operations; 
  • develop a competitive advantage across the value chain; and 
  • ensure that all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met