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Internal Audit Services

We provide Internal Audit Service by helping in establishing an effective Internal Audit Department within their organization. The objectives of this department include:

  • To provide an independent appraisal function that examines the operation, performance and control of the organization.
  • To assist members of the organization in the effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities
  • To ensure that information generated by the accounting system is precise and reliable.
  • To identify risks and initiate measures to minimize and control risks
  • To ensure compliance with external and internal policies and procedures
  • To ensure that acceptable standards of performance are met.
  • To ensure that resources are used efficiently and economically
  • To ensure that organization objectives are effectively achieved.
We at Horwath Bahrain have been successful in creating a brand name for our internal audit services by encompassing in our approach the following:
  • Designing the system of Internal Audit Department
  • Assisting the selection and training of internal audit staff
  • Preparing the audit programs and assisting in the follow up of implementations
  • Preparing and presenting training seminars and workshops for internal auditors.
  • Contracting agreements with companies to provide qualified staff to conduct internal audit to such companies in accordance with established standards.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding audit services.

Contact Us
Fuad Alkaabi
Villa 12, Rd 3201
Manama 332 Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 17822440; 17822477 ext:111

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