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The Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most important branches of the economy globally, not only from the viewpoint of economic activity. The Pharmaceutical Industry showed high sales growth rates in the recent past. Number of factors suggest that this trend will continue in the future, primarily due to numerous advancements in science and technology.


The main challenges for pharmaceutical companies come from different areas. Companies must deal with competition and manage within a world of price controls that dictate a wide range of prices from place to place. They must be constantly on guard for patent violations and seek legal protection in new and growing global markets. In the Pharmaceutical industryto be successful it is necessary to understand the unique characteristics of purchasing,operations, production and sales functions. With significant cash reserves on hand, many global pharmaceutical companies are developing or launching new products and services and appear positive about increasing revenue in the short term.


At Crowe Horwath BDM we have extensive knowledge in a variety of fields pertaining to advasory, audit, managerial and financial services. Our aim is to help our clients to make the most of the challenges and opportunities presented by a constantly changing business environment.


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