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In conditions of increased public expectations and increasingly complex regulatory system, government organisations and companies from the public sector are facing declining revenues and decreasing available public funds. In the market characterised by rapid changes in political, economic and social environment, help from experienced financial professionals who possess techical knowledge is necessary.


Crowe Horwath BDM strives to fulfil needs unique for your organisation or company. We want to help you in solving your concerns, wheter they are related to the procurement of resources, tax regulations or training of your employees. Professionals hired by Crowe Horwath BDM , taking into account your goals and needs, will assist you in creating your strategy, but also they will contribute to value of the organization.


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Bogdan Djuric
Crowe Horwath BDM doo
Terazije 5/4
Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 655 85 00